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The race is on to create the next big powerful painkiller, but will these new drugs increase the already startling abuse rates here in the US? Prescription painkillers are big business in the US, with pharmaceutical companies racing to provide the next big thing to bring in huge profits from an overmedicated American public. Now […]

New laws and tougher legislation are aimed at changing the Sunshine State’s reputation as the “Oxy Express” and closing down the dangerous pill mills. The days of the Florida pill mills may soon be coming to an end. In the past, thousands flocked to the state’s more than 1,000 pain clinics to obtain prescription drugs […]

Counterfeit prescription painkillers is a billion dollar business, but a new company is trying to put a stop to dangerous fake pain meds. As prescription painkillers have become big business, counterfeit meds began cropping up by those hoping to cash in. These fakes can be dangerous, though, especially since there’s no way to know just […]

The new film Limitless tells the story of a pill that boosts brainpower, but as addiction experts know, there’s always a downside when it comes to drugs. You may know Bradley Cooper from The Hangover. In his new film, he’s overindulging in a different way, experimenting with an untested pharmaceutical called NZT. Pop this pill […]