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In Tennessee, there is a lot of talk about the toll meth takes on the state and its residents. Meth continues to be costly for residents of the Volunteer State. In fiscal year 2011, 1,066 people in Tennessee received publicly funded treatment for meth abuse at a cost of $2.8 million in federal and state […]

It’s an unlikely scenario, but dentists are finding themselves on the front lines of the drug war as they encounter patients who show signs of meth abuse. A patient with bad breath or a fear of Novocaine were the biggest worries dentists had in the past. These days they find themselves in the role of […]

What’s a drug used to de-worm pets doing in much of our nation’s cocaine supply? The experts don’t know, but they are aware of its potentially deadly consequences. A drug approved to treat cancer and used to de-worm animals is being added to the nation’s cocaine supply, and public health officials are puzzled as to […]