Drug Use Related Posts

What is the story behind this eternally popular club drug? The drug known as ketamine hydrochloride was originally created as an anesthetic for human and veterinary use, but like so many drugs, ways have been found to abuse the substance. In the ‘90s it became popular in clubs, with partygoers using it as an alternative […]

Results from the U.S. government’s Monitoring the Future study was released this week and focuses on trends in teen drug use. A new national study of teenagers’ substance abuse and their attitudes toward drugs and drug use highlights some troubling trends that raise serious concerns, according to Gil Kerlikowske, Director of National Drug Control Policy. […]

For some substance abusers there’s a connection between their drug use and aggression or anger. Addiction experts have long recognized the link between certain substances and aggressive behavior. One recent study showed that a staggering 83 percent of homicide offenders were drinking at the time of the offense. That number was 60 percent for sexual […]

Iran and the U.N. are sounding the alarm on the growing production of illicit drugs in Afghanistan. It’s nothing new for Afghanistan to be in the news, but usually it has to do with U.S. military in that country or the ongoing war on terror. This week, Iran changed the subject and spoke out about […]

A new study shows adolescents may be less vulnerable to the long-term effects of withdrawal and relapse than those who take drugs as adults. Are kids less vulnerable to long-term effects of drug use than adults? Georgia State University researchers think so. A recent study seems to show that adolescent rats are less vulnerable to […]

New study shows that Hepatitis-C virus may be transmitted through the noses of drug users. For someone who snorts their drugs, the main safety concern has been the drugs themselves, but it turns out there’s a new danger. For up to 20 percent of people contracting the Hepatitis-C virus, the method of transmission has been […]

Teens and young adults use dangerous drugs to enhance a night on the town. For teens and young adults, a night on the town takes on dangerous new meaning with the ongoing popularity of “club drugs.” Used to enhance all-night partying at raves, trances, bars, concerts and nightclubs, these varied drugs can have long-lasting effects […]