Women and PTSD

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can become a reality for women who have dealt with stressful situations in the military, traumatic family experiences, life threatening catastrophes or a physical assault. PTSD can make a situation seem never-ending and can lead to self-medication with drugs or alcohol. PTSD treatment can end the cycle of reliving the past.

Women Living with PTSD

A woman who has developed PTSD after rape or trauma may feel like she is in a never-ending cycle of reliving one of the worst experiences of her life. With a strong need to find a sense of normalcy again and an inability to cope with the past on her own, she may turn to self-medicating PTSD symptoms. The way in which a person experiences PTSD can vary based on personal experiences and individual coping mechanisms, but the symptoms of PTSD can include the following:

  • An inability to sleep for fear of traumatic nightmares
  • Waking up frequently once asleep often due to nightmares
  • Flashbacks that make the woman struggling with PTSD feel like she is experiencing the trauma again
  • Intense anxiety and emotional distress especially when confronted or faced with settings similar to those around her during the traumatic event
  • Increasing difficulty focusing on tasks at hand
  • A sense of detachment from friends, family and the world around her
  • A sense of feeling emotionally numb
  • Depression symptoms that can include disinterest in social activities or distance from loved ones
  • Easily startled and constantly feeling on alert
  • Quick to fits of anger, rage and other complex emotions

An integrated treatment facility will offer simultaneous PTSD and addiction treatment for women. Drug addiction and PTSD can rob a woman of her sense of security and her belief in a positive future. Women can receive the necessary tools to help them recover from trauma and from addiction. Integrated treatment from a rehab center provides these tools in a safe and secure environment. Self-medicating PTSD is never the answer.

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