At The Oaks, we are committed to providing integrated, evidence-based treatment for anyone battling with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders.

What to Expect

Our experienced staff will create a recommended program based on the specific needs of you or your loved one. We provide successful treatment solutions in a therapeutic and nurturing environment with the highest level of professionalism and care.

Your Stay

While living on campus in the residential program, our clients enjoy delicious and nutritious food, an exercise weight room, meditation and quiet time, daily recreational opportunities and other healthful and fun leisure activities.

Our Success Rate

The Oaks is nationally recognized for integrative methods and evidence-based treatment that produces results. Our methods have been proven more effective than traditional drug and alcohol treatment methods in a five-year research study using the Foundations Treatment Model.

Our comprehensive residential treatment program is an inpatient model that includes therapeutic groups, ongoing pharmacological assessment and evaluation, individual therapy, wellness and activities that address mind, body and spirit. Additional aspects of our well-rounded program include a therapeutic milieu that supports growth on the physical, spiritual and mental level.

While in the Residential program, each client has the opportunity to be involved in:

  • Individual therapy with an expert mental health professional
  • Group therapy and support
  • Family therapy (including Intensive Family Weekend)
  • Medication management
  • Educational groups
  • Recreation and expressive therapy
  • 12-Step recovery
  • Relapse prevention and life skills groups
  • Daily contribution to the community
  • Specialty treatment for psychological trauma and other issues as needed

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Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis refers to a condition in which a person has both a mental illness and an addiction issue. At The Oaks, not only are we committed to treating both the addiction and the mental illness so that you or your loved one can find full and total recovery, but we are also only one of very few facilities that are prepared to deal effectively with dual diagnosis.

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