Can You Snort Hydrocodone?

Is it possible to snort hydrocodone, an opiate painkiller prescribed in pill form? It absolutely is. It doesn’t take much force to crush a pill, creating a powder that is easily snorted. Unfortunately, snorting painkillers of any kind can indicate a drug addiction or serious drug abuse problem, which can create a number of challenges for the user, including:

  • Medical or physical problems related specifically to snorting the drug
  • Mental health and physical health problems caused by abuse of hydrocodone
  • Social issues related to ongoing drug abuse
  • Legal problems due to criminal activity related to addiction
The best option when snorting hydrocodone has become an ongoing behavior for your loved one is intensive substance abuse treatment.



Any method of ingesting addictive substances is problematic because it introduces a high level of a toxic substance to the body. Specific to snorting, there are a number of issues that a person may face, including:

  • Chronic runny nose
  • Inflammation and pain in the throat and nasal passages
  • Respiratory problems
  • A potential need for reconstructive surgery if snorting these drugs is chronic enough to wear away the nasal passages
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Signs of Snorting

How can you tell if your loved one is continually snorting hydrocodone if you don’t actually see them crush the pill and snort the substance? There are a number of paraphernalia items that can indicate that snorting is your family member’s ingestion method of choice:


Rings, lockets or other jewelry with hidden compartments designed to carry powders for quick use.

Short, two- or three-inch pieces of plastic drinking straws or plastic pen tubes used for snorting the powder.
Razor Blades

Razor blades, especially when found in combination with other items on the list or covered in white powder residue.
Flat Surface

Small, flat, and/or reflective or clear surfaces with razor cuts in them and/or white powder residue.


Is Treatment Necessary?

Snorting a pill is a clear sign of drug abuse, and when drug abuse is a chronic problem, addiction can become the real issue. If you believe that your loved one is dependent upon hydrocodone, with or without a prescription, then treatment is absolutely necessary. Why? Opiate painkillers like hydrocodone are classified as Schedule II drugs. They are heavily controlled due to their addictive nature and the high rates of overdose among people who abuse the drug.

In addition to snorting crushed hydrocodone pills, other signs of addictive use of hydrocodone include:

  • Taking the drug without a prescription
  • Using hydrocodone in addition to other painkillers, sedatives, or other drugs, including alcohol
  • Getting multiple prescriptions for hydrocodone or similar drugs from multiple doctors
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms and/or cravings when without the pills
  • Being unable to stop taking the pills on their own


Professional hydrocodone detox that offers medication if necessary and around-the-clock support is a critical first step in a successful recovery from a hydrocodone abuse or addiction problem. Following this, an intensive and long-term therapeutic addiction treatment program that includes traditional, holistic and alternative treatment will give the patient the tools necessary to build a new life in recovery.

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