Can Hydrocodone Cause Anxiety?

Hydrocodone is a synthetic opiate painkiller that is in various prescription medications such as Lortab, Lorcet or Vicodin. When taken as prescribed it has a chance of causing anxiety as a side effect, but when abused it is more likely to cause anxiety or depression due to withdrawal symptoms and rebound mood swings.

People who abuse hydrocodone may become addicted, which may be stressful and cause guilty feelings. This can increase anxiety and cause devastating problems.

As addiction worsens over time, hydrocodone addicts will find it harder to hide their drug use and function normally. Relationships and work may suffer, leading to more stress and anxiety. Taking hydrocodone may be pleasant at first, but it also prevents addicts from facing problems head-on, which may cause more stress about those problems as time goes on.

How Anxiety May be Worsened by Hydrocodone

Anxiety often stems from an underlying issue, such as an anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder or past trauma. When these problems do not receive healthy treatment, a patient may use hydrocodone to self-medicate the symptoms of anxiety.

This may make the anxiety worse due to the rebound withdrawal effects.

Hydrocodone has a relaxing euphoric effect when abused, and individuals may self-medicate anxiety or depression by taking the drug. Once tolerance develops, higher doses are needed for the same effect, which may create a bigger rebound effect when the drug wears off. The higher the dose, the harder it may be for the brain to adjust back to normal, and the more anxiety it will cause.

How Dual Diagnosis Treatment Can Help Anxiety


Anxiety and addiction are hard enough to treat on their own, and may be more difficult if both are present.

Integrated treatment for both conditions will address each patient as an individual, and treat their specific symptoms for anxiety as well as hydrocodone addiction.

Treatment may be more effective when one medical team treats both conditions, and addiction treatment has a better chance of succeeding when a patient isn’t coping with rebound anxiety.

Medication may be prescribed to treat anxiety, and counseling and behavioral therapy are offered to help individuals learn positive ways to deal with symptoms.


Treatment for Anxiety and Hydrocodone Addiction

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