Hiring an Interventionist

hiring an interventionistFamilies touched by addiction likely discuss drug use and abuse on a regular basis. They may plead for the person to avoid drugs first thing in the morning, call the person during the day to check for signs of intoxication, and yell at night when the person stumbles home with no memory of what happened the day before. Any or all of these talks could prompt addicted people to get the help they’d need in order to change their habits for the better.

But sometimes, it pays for families to do just a little more in order to ensure that the message gets through and that the addict really does stop using. An interventionist can help, as this professional can help the family to design a compelling talk about the nature of addiction and the need for treatment. Hiring someone like this can be an important step for a family in need, and following a few simple steps can make the hiring process easier than ever.

Asking for Recommendations

While families might understand that they need to hire a professional, they may not know where to start their search for the help they’ll need. The Internet can be an invaluable resource. Many interventionists develop sophisticated websites that provide families with a great deal of information they can use during the decision-making process, and some organizations even provide in-depth databases that list all of the interventionists working within a specific geographic region. By running a few searches, families may have a list of professionals to choose from.

In addition to using the computer, families can also tap into their personal and professional networks as they search. Friends, coworkers, doctors, mental health specialists and admissions officers at addiction treatment facilities may all have good ideas about professionals that could help the family to improve and to heal.

Delving Deep

An interventionist plays a key role in the recovery of a family, and as a result, it’s important for families to make decisions based on more than one simple recommendation or a snazzy website. In fact, it’s ideal for families to conduct short interviews before they settle on a final candidate.

Asking about cost is one such way a family can help to make a good decision. According to an article published in Addiction Professional, the cost of an intervention can range from $750 to $25,000, depending on the services offered. Families with tight budgets might not be able to afford the services of people at the higher end of this spectrum, so they should be sure to understand what they’ll be expected to pay before they hire someone.

In addition, some people who perform interventions base their expertise on personal experience, rather than:

  • Formal education
  • Number of interventions performed
  • Formal research conducted
  • Participation in a credentialing agency

They may be able to help some families, but they may also have techniques that are somewhat outmoded, and they may not have the professional insurance that can protect a family if something goes wrong. That’s why the Association of Intervention Specialists recommends that all families hire board-certified interventionists. People like this do have insurance and education, and they also have experience in the field. Members also agree to abide by a code of ethics concerning their behavior. Asking about this could be vital for some families.

If you’re in need of an interventionist and you don’t know where to start the search, we can help. Please call The Oaks at La Paloma, and we’ll help to connect you to professionals in your area who would be glad to assist.