Our Family Program Weekends


Healing the family is just as important as healing the patient.

Because of this, we have developed an intensive family program designed to provide healing and growth to the entire family. This program takes place one weekend every month and supports families in looking at dysfunctional interactions and patterns, and it teaches them how to replace these with healthy ways of communicating and interacting.

Family members often struggle with feelings of anger or hurt, and they may become obsessed with the outcome of the treatment their loved one is undergoing. During sessions targeted specifically for family members, individuals learn that addiction and dual disorders do not occur in a vacuumThe family dynamics that contribute to dysfunction and addiction are explained, and family members are given the tools to step out of negative roles that perpetuate the problem. Families are also taught methods of conflict resolution that let everyone win.

Process groups for family members allow for a time to discuss the difficulties of living in a family where these problems exist.

Loved ones arrive at family weekend looking for answers, and they want to know how they can “fix” their loved ones, but it’s not about that. Instead, they are encouraged to find a solution for themselves so they don’t have to hurt anymore. Topics addressed also include co-occurring disorders, The Oaks treatment model and the actual treatment process. Afternoon sessions include the patient as we talk through the roles each family member plays in conflict and resolution, learning healthy ways to express feeling and address issues, boundary setting, defining and conceptualizing codependence, and strategies for ceasing unhelpful behaviors are all addressed.

Family members leave empowered to deal with conflict in a way that assumes there’s a solution that can be found if we simply continue to talk.

 Often patients have said that the family program was a turning point, allowing both parties to be heard and guided toward healing injured relationships.

We at The Oaks at La Paloma are eager to work alongside you and your family to heal discord and help bring completeness back to your lives.

If you have any questions about our intensive family program or need help, please contact our admissions center. Admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day at (877) 345-1887.