Outpatient Services

Foundations Memphis is a group-oriented program that offers staff and peer support, psychiatric evaluation and assessment, medication management, group therapy and life skills classes integrated with 12-Step principles.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Using an evidence-based integrated treatment model, we serve patients stepping down from higher intensity mental health services, as well as individuals seeking entry-level outpatient care. Every patient receives an individualized program to meet his or her unique needs, created by a staff with expertise in treating co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders.[1]

Co-occurring Disorders

Affecting more than 10 million Americans each year, co-occurring disorders describe a condition where a person is dealing with both chemical dependency and an emotional or psychiatric issue simultaneously. Emotional issues range from depression or bipolar disorder to PTSD or anxiety. Foundation Memphis’ Intensive Outpatient Program for Co-occurring Disorders addresses both through an integrated treatment model, which provides the best opportunity for lasting recovery.[2]

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Foundation Memphis Outpatient Staff

Our experienced and compassionate team will help you or your loved one find hope at various points along the journey to recovery. We accommodate each patient at his or her particular stage of treatment and recovery, always focusing on that persons’ particular needs.

Call our 24-hour, toll-free helpline today for more information.

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