Top 10 Reasons to Quit Abusing Substances

man in need of treatment

No matter how badly other people want you to stop abusing drugs and alcohol, you can’t do it for anyone but yourself. No matter how compelling their reasons or how badly you want to make someone else happy, the fact is that the only thing that will sustain you through the significant ups and downs that define recovery is your own personal drive to recreate your life for your own personal reasons.

Not sure why you should drop drugs and alcohol? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should let go of substance abuse for good:

Your life

Overdose is no small concern. It happens every day to thousands of people, hundreds of thousands per year in the United States. Car accident deaths caused by drunk or drugged driving as well as accidents in the workplace and at home, homicides, and suicides caused by drug use – these are all real concerns, especially for those who take their lives into their hands daily due to an active addiction.

Your health

Even if an acute overdose or accident doesn’t occur, finding recovery can help you to avoid the buildup of toxins and destruction of organs caused by ongoing drug use.

Your freedom

Most drugs are illegal, and possessing them or buying them is enough to get you arrested. Driving under the influence is another threat to your safety, as is being intoxicated in public. Then there are a slew of things that people often do while under the influence (e.g., assault, vandalism, theft, etc.) that can also land them in jail. Too many of these offenses, and if any violence is part of the equation, and no judge will care that there’s an underlying addiction; imprisonment will be unavoidable.

Your mental health

If there is an underlying mental health disorder, drugs and alcohol will almost always worsen symptoms, not ease them as is often the hope. Other substances can cause a drug-induced psychosis, and almost all change the structure of the brain slowly over time, altering the user’s personality and in some cases triggering mental health issues that were not there previously.

Your dreams

What do you want for your life? Recovering from addiction can help you accomplish your dreams.

Your spouse

Finding recovery can give you a chance to regain a functional relationship.

Your children

It’s not always easy to make up for the harm done to children when a chronic drug abuse problem is an issue. It will take time and perseverance – and long-term sobriety. Even if your children are living with other relatives due to your history with addiction, the first step back to being in their lives in a positive way is addiction treatment.

Your goals

Do you want to rebuild your marriage? Would you like to work in a certain industry? Are you considering going back to school? You can have the chance to accomplish anything when you’re free from addiction.

Your reputation

You may believe that you were successful in keeping your addiction a secret – you weren’t. The only way to rebuild a reputation damaged by poor choices under the influence is to start by getting clean and sober.

Your bank account

Nothing destroys finances like a drug addiction. You’ll be amazed at how you can gain financial stability when you take control of your life through recovery.

You are the only reason that you will be able to commit to recovery for the long term. Make a list of all the ways that recovery will change your life for the better and pick up the phone to make it happen today. At The Oaks at La Paloma, we’re standing by to assist you. Please call to speak with our admissions coordinators now.