Cost of Addiction Treatment

You cannot put a price on the successful recovery of yourself or a loved one. But the cost of addiction treatment is an important factor when considering the right treatment facility. At The Oaks at La Paloma, we will help you make an assessment of all costs related to treatment, provide insurance verification, and assist you with additional services such as outpatient care, interventions, family mediation, and aftercare options.

Primary Costs for Addiction Treatment

    • Several factors may have the most impact on cost of treatment
      • Length of stay
      • Type of Accommodations
      • Type of Program and Services Required
      • Travel Arrangements

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Quality of Care – Important Questions to Ask

  • Does the treatment facility offer a comprehensive and personalized treatment program?
    • Does the treatment center offer professional detox services?
    • Do you require a Residential or Outpatient program?
    • Does the facility offer treatment for co-occurring disorders?
    • Is Individual Therapy included in the primary program?

Insurance Verification and Cost Assessment


Outpatient Treatment

Sometimes family or work responsibilities require a customized outpatient treatment program tailored to meet financial needs. Costs may vary between residential treatment and outpatient treatment. At The Oaks at La Paloma, we offer a flexible outpatient treatment program.

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