Prostitution and Drugs Go Hand In Hand

When 17 people and five so-called “corporations” connected to a New York City escort service were indicted in Brooklyn recently, they were charged with running a high-priced prostitution and drug ring. Profits were estimated at more than $7 million over a span of three years, according to the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. Those involved in this particular case face a 144-count indictment and could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

Fees for High Class NY’s escort services allegedly ranged from $400 per hour to more than $3,600 per hour, and clients often spent more than $10,000 in one night, according to the indictment. Authorities claim the money paid for sexual contact with the escorts as well as cocaine and other controlled substances.

Connection Between Drugs and Prostitution

It’s not a surprise to law enforcement, which sees this sort of thing every day, and it’s not really a surprise to the general public, who is aware that both drugs and prostitution continue to be a problem in our country. What IS interesting is how often the two crimes go hand in hand.

The substance abuse and addictions that are born out of the prostitution industry only compound a problem that is already at epidemic levels in the US.

It’s no secret that drugs and prostitution are frequently related. Some prostitutes use drugs to numb themselves in order to continue working. Others turn to prostitution as a last resort to score drug money for an ongoing drug habit. Still others, often individuals who are illegally trafficked or forced into prostitution, are force-fed drugs to lower their resistance to the distasteful work. Whether it’s a “high-end” call girl ring or those working at truck stops or on the street, the pain associated with prostitution and the illegal nature of the business makes it a breeding ground for illegal drugs.

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