Legal Pot In Tennessee

Much of the debate to legalize marijuana seems centered in California, but a new bill introduced to legislators in Nashville has brought the battle to Middle Tennessee. Under the Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Act, people suffering from certain medical conditions would be allowed to procure pot with a prescription at the nearest pharmacy. The bill doesn’t make medical marijuana available to just anyone. It clearly spells out which medical conditions would qualify someone for marijuana use, how pharmacies would sell it and how producers and distributors would be licensed. Despite all this, the bill still seems like a long shot when it comes to getting passed, a fact that pleases some lawmakers.

“The problem with medical marijuana lies in the potential for abuse. We have seen that in California’s experience,”

– Tennessee Rep. Hank Fincher

The bill, which was introduced to the state house and senate in September 2010, has yet to go before a committee vote. Meanwhile, medical marijuana is currently legal in 14 states.

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