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Most people have a tendency to think about addiction in terms of individuals, which is understandable. After all, this is a disease that develops through the choices and behaviors of individuals. However, addiction is a unique disease in that its direct influence extends far beyond individuals, reaching throughout their families, social groups and communities. There’s […]

We’ve learned a lot about addiction over the past century. Through research and observation, addiction has gone from an enigma to a decidedly complex brain disease for which there are many potential causes. However, there’s still much left to learn, especially when it comes to understanding susceptibility to addiction. Addiction is an indiscriminate disease that […]

Foundations Events partnered with Shane Ramer, owner and producer of That Sober Guy Radio, for the Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare 2016 conference. The podcast discusses alcoholism and addiction recovery, providing a platform for guests to speak their minds and share their stories in an honest, intimate format. Today’s podcast with Shane Ramer of That Sober Guy Podcast features James McManus. James is […]

when someone you love is an addict

Addiction has many faces and each situation is as unique as the addicted individuals themselves. With fewer than 19% of substance users actually getting treatment, there are millions of friends and family members out there who deal with a loved one’s addiction and everything that entails. If someone you love is dealing with an addiction, […]

When parents finally realize (or admit to themselves) that their child is an addict, they will often experience worry along with feelings of anger and bitterness about being played by their child. Sibling resentment toward an addict can be just as sharp, if not worse. It’s a hugely underestimated dynamic, said Anita Devlin, mother of […]

Addiction is an affliction that only some people develop in particular circumstances due to certain stimuli. However, the disease of addiction isn’t treated quite the same as diseases like diabetes or cancer. Rather than giving an addict a treatment or medication that essentially alleviates the effects of addiction, he or she can hope only to […]

When a loved one decides to seek treatment and start the recovery process for addiction, you naturally may feel extremely positive and optimistic. But as supporting a loved one along this journey can also be incredibly challenging, it’s important to manage your expectations and be prepared for the impact his or her recovery process will […]